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Ursinus College Fitness Center




Monday - Friday 7AM - 3PM

CLOSED 5/30 - 6/3

CLOSED 7/4 + 7/5




Monday - Thursday 7AM - 7PM

Friday 7AM - 3PM



Regular Semester Fitness Center Hours

  BOOKING PAGE - https://ursinusfitnesscenter.simplybook.mev2

Mon. - Fri. 7AM - 9:30PM

Sat. + Sun. - 12PM - 4PM

Holiday and Special Hours will be posted on Ursinus News (as well as updated here)


Academic Break (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer) Hours

**Dependent on dates**


Mon. - Fri. 7AM - 3PM

Sat+Sun - CLOSED





  • Upon entering, ALL members must present a valid Ursinus ID (up to date with completed PAR-Q and liability waiver from “Grizzly Gateway”).
  • ALL members must present confirmation of their reserved appointment (reservation hours only) 
  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED FOR ENTRY in accordance with Ursinus College Campus Policy                 
  • Athletic attire and footwear is REQUIRED (members are not permitted to be in the facility shirtless or barefoot)                                                                                                                          
  • Accessory equipment (bands, jump ropes, medicine balls, etc.) can be exchanged for a valid Ursinus ID. All accessory equipment is located in the front area. IDs will be returned upon the return of equipment. 
  • Each individual is responsible for cleaning their equipment, and returning their equipment (weights, accessories) to the proper place (storage space or back to our Staff) prior to exiting                                                                
  • Broken equipment will be logged as an incident                                                                                                                              
  • Everyone must be respectful of others using the facility. Slanderous language will not be tolerated.
  • ALL members must leave the Fitness Center at closing times and clean-up times. Please respect our employees and their time.                                                
  • The Fitness Center Staff advises individuals to keep personal items in a secure location.  We are NOT responsible for an individual’s items that may go missing
  • Violations of any of the above policies may result in varying consequences                                                                                                    
  • All questions can be directed to present staff or to the Fitness Center account



Sports Team Usage

The Ursinus College Fitness Center is a shared space for all of campus. Often varsity teams will have designated workout times. During these times the gym may be busier than usual. Please understand these workouts may require certain pieces of equipment to be used for extended periods of time.


Contact Info

Fitness Center Front Desk: 610-409-3369




Ross Buckwalter - Strength and Conditioning Coach