Student-Athletic Advisory Committee

Mission Statement:

The Ursinus College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is an organization of student-athlete leaders who represent the best interests of the student-athlete experience at Ursinus College, within the Centennial Conference and within the NCAA Division III. SAAC is dedicated to promoting excellence in academics and athletics, sportsmanship, citizenship and volunteerism while serving a liaison function between the college’s student athletes, and the athletic administration.

SAAC intends to enhance the student-athlete experience at Ursinus College and encourages input and feedback from the student body about any issues that need to be addressed or ideas that should be considered.

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SAAC Staff Advisors

Marqus Hunter, Associate Athletic Director

Margaret White, Head Women’s Basketball Coach

2018-2019 Executive Board:

President: Samantha Garritano (’19 Softball)

Vice President: Kayla Quinn (’19 Softball)

Secretary: Lindsay Rush (’19 Gymnastics)

2018-2019 SAAC Members

Drew Fowler ’21          Baseball                                   Delaney Baker ’21               Softball            

Mike Stanziale ’20       Baseball                                   Faith Carson ’19                  Softball            

Gabi Howell ’21           Field Hockey                            Meghan O'Leary ’19             Volleyball

Mikayla Jordan ’19       Field Hockey                            Lydia Pierce ’20                   Volleyball        

Mitch Bradford ’20       Football                                    Francesca Bogiatzis ’20       Women's Basketball

Tom Garlick ’20           Football                                    Marisa  Morano ’21             Women's Basketball

Hailey DiCicco ’21       Gymnastics                              Brittany Gasser ’19              Women's Cross Country

Ellie LaFountain ’20     Gymnastics                              Meredith Steele ’21             Women's Cross Country

George Gordon ’21      Men's Basketball                      Courtney Cortese ’19           Women's Lacrosse     

Lucas Olshevski ’21     Men's Basketball                      Carli Heimann ’21                Women's Lacrosse

John Haase ’20            Men's Cross Country               Bridget Rauh ’19                  Women's Soccer

Logan Mazullo ’20        Men's Cross Country               Cailey Sanchez ’20               Women's Soccer

Aaron Grill ’21             Men's Lacrosse                        Sarah Wixted ’20                Women's Soccer

Chris Porzelt ’22          Men's Lacrosse                        Margrethe Leis ’20              Women's Swimming

Colin Klingman ’20      Men's Soccer                           Allie Thomas ’21                 Women's Swimming

Justin Molyneaux ’19  Men's Soccer                           Madisen Harvey ’21             Women's Tennis

Kevin Gill ’19              Men's Swimming                      Maddie Sorebo ’21             Women's Tennis

Mike Prior ’21             Men's Swimming                      Michela Coleman ’21          Women's Track & Field

Kyle Bookman ’21       Men's Tennis                           Rachel Coleman ’21            Women's Track & Field

Mason Groff ’21          Men's Tennis                           Derek Gulotta ’19               Wrestling

Griffin McMann ’21      Men's Track & Field                 William McGinley ’19           Wrestling        

Andrew Voyack ’19      Men's Track & Field    

Functions of SAAC:

• Promote communication between athletics, administration, faculty, student-athletes and the Ursinus community.

• Disseminate athletic department information

• Provide feedback and insight into athletic department issues.

• Generate a student-athlete voice within the campus athletic department formulation of policies.

• Build a sense of community within the athletics program involving all athletics teams.

• Solicit student-athlete responses to proposed conference and NCAA legislation.

• Organize community service efforts.

• Create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus-wide committees.

• Promote a positive student-athlete image on campus